Condo Rules
This is a warning about the types of rules that affect many condominiums. Should you be concerned about what specific rules are imposed by the Condominium Corporation in which your purchased unit is located, we suggest you immediately speak with the property management office and ask specifically for the property manager of the condominium project.
Some types of rules relate to the following kinds of items:

  • no internal changes to unit or changes to common areas without written consent of management.
  • carpeting on various types of floors to reduce sound transmission, or
    restrictions against hardwood floors
  • no barbequing on balconies and no enclosing of balconies
  • no satellite dishes or antennae
  • no parking of commercial or recreational vehicles
  • use of elevators for moving sometimes have restrictive hours, require reservations and/or security deposits. IF YOU ARE PURCHASING A CONDOMINIUM WHERE AN ELEVATOR or a LOADING AREA must be used for your move, contact the management office as soon as possible to book your moving date
  • no office business or commercial uses within condominium units
  • pet restrictions
  • types and colour of window coverings, (usually white or off-white) as can be seen from exterior of building
  • plantings and other uses of exterior patios
  • unit owner’s liability for damaged exterior doors, including garage doors and/or added items such as central air, fireplaces, etc.(particularly in townhouses)
  • noise generated by musical instruments
  • Short term rental restrictions and other tenancy requirements

If you do not comply with a specific rule affecting your condominium, the Corporation has the right to get a court order directing compliance and ordering payment of legal costs by the unit owner. If you intend to rent your unit after completing a purchase, insert a clause in the tenancy agreement that the tenant will comply with all rules and by-laws of the Condominium Corporation.